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Classification of carbon steel pipes

Carbon steel pipes are divided into two categories: hot-rolled and cold-rolled (drawn) steel pipes.



Introduction and classification of wire rods

Wire rods: A circular rod with a disk-like cross-section and a diameter of 5.5~30mm.



Use of cold rolled steel

Cold plate is made of ordinary carbon structural steel hot rolled steel strip, after further cold rolling to make a thickness of less than 4mm steel plate.



Method for calculating the weight of flat steel

Flat steel: weight per meter=0.00785 * thickness * edge width Section steel is one of the four major types of steel (plate, tube, section, and wire). According to the shape of the section, steel sections are divided into simple section steel and complex section steel (section steel). The former refers to square steel, round steel, flat steel, angle steel, hexagonal steel, etc; The latter refers to I-beams, channel steel, steel rails, window frame steel, curved steel, etc



Surface Brightness of Cold Rolled Sheet

Cold rolled sheet, as a very commonly used steel plate material, is mainly suitable for construction, factories, mechanical production, and other aspects. This standard specifies the indicators and quality requirements of products, including the chemical composition, appearance dimensions, product quality, internal structure, and performance structure contained in the materials. Although the structure of the rolled plate is sturdy and precise, we still need to pay attention to maintenance to extend its service life. When pushing and rolling plates, there are principles, which require that Z be placed according to the variety and cold rolled plate grid under stable stacking and ensuring safety and stability. If there are other materials that need to be stacked in the factory or on site, they must be classified and placed. With the development of the economy, the steel industry is also getting better and better. Compared to hot-rolled coils, the surface of cold-rolled sheets is bright and has a high finish, but it will generate more internal stress. Annealing treatment is often carried out after cold rolling, while for hot-rolled coils, the surface of cold-rolled sheets is bright and has a high finish, but it will generate more internal stress.



Carbon structural steel

Carbon structural steel,English name: Carbon Structural Steel, a kind of carbon steel. The carbon content is about 0.05% to 0.70%, with some reaching as high as 0.90%. It can be divided into two categories: ordinary carbon structural steel and high-quality carbon structural steel. There are many uses and large quantities, mainly used in railways, bridges, various construction projects, manufacturing various metal components that bear static loads, as well as unimportant mechanical parts that do not require heat treatment and general welding parts.



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