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6A02 Aluminum rod

6A02 Ordinary duralumin-aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy Aluminum category: ordinary hard aluminum alloy Standard: GB/GJB/ASTM/EN Delivery status: T6/T651/T5 etc. Diameter: 5-500mm Length: "6000mm" Hardness: 65HB (T6 reference value, different specifications and status values will vary) Processing: customized according to customer requirements


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Details description

6A02 is a widely used forged aluminum, with medium strength,  good plasticity and machinability after quenching and natural aging, and good corrosion resistance as well as 2A21 and 2A02. After artificial aging, it has the tendency of intergranular corrosion. 6A02 has high corrosion resistance when the copper content is 0.%. The 602 board is easy to spot at the beginning | J hydrogen atomic welding, gas welding is still good. High plasticity in hot state, easy forging and stamping.

grade old grade Si Fe Cu Mn Mg
6A02 LD2 0.5-1.2 0.5 0.2-0.6 —— 0.45-0.9
Cr Zn Ti Zr add element single total
0.15-0.35 0.2 0.15 —— —— 0.05 0.1


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Q1:Can you send samples?
A:Of course, we can send samples to all parts of the world, our samples are free, but customers need to bear the courier costs.
Q2:How to pack the products?
A:The inner layer has a waterproof paper outer layer with iron packaging and is fixed with a fumigation wooden pallet. It can effectively protect products from corrosion during ocean transportation. 
Q3:Does the product have quality inspection before loading?
A:Of course, all our products are strictly tested for quality before packaging, and unqualified products will be destroyed.
Q4:Are you Manufacturer or trading company?
A:We are professional manufacturer in steel industry for many years. We can give you the factory price directly.
Q5:Can we visit your factory?
A:Warmly welcome. Once we have your schedule, we will arrange the professional sales team to follow up your case.

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